Based in the Boston area of the United States, A.T.E. Inc is a part of the A.T.E. Group. The A.T.E. Group is a multifaceted engineering group, headquartered at Mumbai, India. A.T.E. has over 75 years of experience and operates in diverse domains.

A.T.E. Inc offers several services that are backed by strong business acumen, thorough knowledge of the Indian market and business environment, expertise in many fields, and a strong network.

Products from A.T.E.

The A.T.E. Group manufactures products and solutions in these areas:

▪spinning machinery components
▪eco-friendly cooling solutions
▪solar thermal products
▪wastewater treatment projects
▪industrial IoT solutions
▪vision systems, and
▪value enhancing systems based on static control and heat exchange.

For more information on the products from the A.T.E. Group, click here.  A.T.E. Inc can help connect you with the right people in the A.T.E. business units so that you can decide if these products and technologies are suited for your needs.

Sourcing from India

India is also emerging as a hub for sourcing various products and services, such as textile and apparel, engineering parts, components and machines, raw-materials, etc. A.T.E. Inc can help you in sourcing all of these from India through its trusted stakeholder network.

Representation in India

A.T.E. Inc can put you in touch with the pan-India network of its parent group to explore representing your products and services in India. The scope, modes, methods, and territory of representation can be worked out on a case to case basis. At the current time, for example, A.T.E. is looking for a partner manufacturing enzymes for reducing refractive COD in waste water.


Comprehensive advice for setting up operations in India

Once you decide to set-up operations in India, it is important to get it right from the very beginning: identification of the right location, clear understanding of the market, infrastructure, social and political environment, statutory and legal requirements, accounting and legal services, manpower availability, etc. With a thorough understanding of the entire business ecosystem in India, A.T.E. Inc is perfectly placed to offer comprehensive and reliable advice to establish operations in India.


Technical Writing

Producing precise yet engaging and convincing technical literature calls for high technical acumen, excellent communication skills, and the ability to structure and customise the contents based on the target audience. Blending wide ranging industry experience and deep technical insights, A.T.E. Inc can provide expert services in creating thoughtfully articulated and high quality business documents that can make a positive impact for your products.

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